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Spring 2017 warby parker eyeglasses

Hello my fellow chic bloggers,

As we are beginning to emerge into a new fashionable Spring season, which is literally around the corner! I wanted to inform you all about a beautiful trendy eyewear brand I have recently discovered called Warby Parker.

Let me just say that their Spring 2017 line is so chic, and it launched today. This line is affordable, durable, and is the best duo combination for daily eye wear. The best thing about these eyeglasses is that they can be worn from day to night, night to day with literally every outfit. 

I work in an office setting so eyeglasses are my preferred choice during the day but now that I discovered Warby Parker, I look forward to wearing my frames at night too! 
Spring is springing and you need to have these fabulous frames in your life. I know buying frames online can be tricky but Warby Parker makes it easy as pie with their Home Try-On Program. You can choose up to five frames for five days and they ship them to you for free both ways. No more buyers remorse! How awesome is that! This also gives you the opportunity to experience their customer service and products first hand, at no charge. Plus if you use the hashtag #WarbyHomeTryOn on Instagram or Twitter, the team can easily find your photos and comment on the styles they think suit you the best! I have included two pictures of my favorite styles Laurel 17 in Espresso Tortoise and the Caspar Rose water. They’re both so different but can easily accessorize your daily style looks.cbb8df11f2ff92a30eaef55e32bc8a1ea46b62c4.jpegaced0b41c1a0c64726c8c55cd75a9aefa334ea42.jpeg


Check out their website to get your fab eyeglasses today.

Stay Chic,



Trench Coats.


Rain or shine a Trench coat is a closet’s must have this season. Whether you pick a classic khaki, modern leather, or edgy printed styled one the result is always timeless chic. Trench coats have been around FOREVER designed first by Burberry, but now designers have taken this classic look to the next lev. Trenchies come in so many different colors, shapes, styles, and fabrics now depending on your individual style and personality shall come easy to which ever is eye catching to you. This coat is so versatile you can take this look from day to night or dress it up or down. There stylish and so perfect for this fall and winter… What do you think about this AH-may-zing trend?

Stay Chic,

Wedding. OOTD.

This weekend was very eventful. Went to a wedding with the fam and had a blast. All the ladies and gents got glammed for a big fat Assyrian wedding. What I wore… And also featuring my other favorite best dressed girls from the event. Image

Dress: Jovani

I LOVED this dress. It was mellow yellow with satin and chiffon incorporated throughout the dress trimmed with a gorgeous beading work from top to bottom even along the train that I french boussiled with a high slit. It looked sexy, and I completely felt it.


Jackie Sengul

Dress: Tadashi

I love love love this dress. My BEST dressed of the night defiantly goes to Jackie. She wore this nude Tadashi dress with a gold lace. The lace layered over the top half with a semi high neck and cap lace sleeves. It gathered in the middle that let the bottom half of the dress flow so beautiful.


Robyn Tekin

Dress: Jovani

This dress was so different and so edgy. Love the color of the gown… Black. (my favorite color) And loved the abstracted gold beads and studs on top that pulled up into the high neck. It’s tight to about the midline then flows out a with the high slit that bared some skin. And who doesn’t like to see a little leg here and there. Robyn finished the look with a plum lip, fur scarf, and pointy heels. She worked it!


Joceline Tekin

Dress: ASOS

This look was the definition of glitter and glam. It was a dark cherry red with long sleeves and the trendy midline length. Jocie then dressed it gold jewels and Valentino heels. This dress was so fun yet so elegant, and is totally great for the holiday events that are coming up this fall and winter.


Kristy Peltecki

Dress: Zac Posen

This dress was amazing. It was emerald green that had a cinched sweatheart. It flared into a semi mermaid dress with again the also trendy midline length. It was tight, sexy, and completely classy. Kristy kept it simple with a classic pair of pumps by Brain Atwood.


Petra Tekin

Dress: Jovani

I love a sexy lady in red. And that was exactly Petra in this gown. This dress is very different. The fabric consisted of silk and sheer. The color was a bright cherry red and on top was a lace pattern that had beading and Swarovski crystals to give it that glitzy look with a high slit.


Joann Rizik

Dress: Sherri Hill

This look was old Hollywood glam. It was navy blue with broken mired crystals going down the dress right above the high slit. It looked absolutely stunning on joann with the perfect old Hollywood hair to match. She kept it simple by accessorizing light with just a diamond bracelet and a nude Chanel Clutch.



Estee Tekin

Dress: Terrani Couture

This dress was so so chic. It was a party on top with an alluring sparkling beads. I love a sexy bandage dresses and this fabric was a perfect accent to balance the top. This is what I call a perfect little black dress. It was tight and seductive and Estee flaunted it well. I loved that she wore her hair up in an updo to show off the detailed structured sleeves. She accessorized light with a ring and wore a slight pop of color maroon pumps by Christian Louboutin.


Lidia Tekin

Dress: Sherri Hill

Hello Glamorous… This yellow dress was charismatic and captivating. It was a classic sweetheart mermaid dress with a little twist. Sequins on top and chiffon mermaid skirt on the bottom. I loved how it ombre’d from white, to a mild yellow, to the sheer bold yellow tones. It looked perfect on Lidia’s flawless skin tone. I love how she wore bold statement pieces of a two gold jeweled bracelets, flashy earrings, and gold clutch. And ending the look off with a nice bright pink lip.


Christine Aydin

Dress: Kay Unger from Saks Fifth Avenue

This one sleeved Lavender dress was fabulous. It had an abstracting pattern throughout the dress with Swarovski crystals enchanting this couture piece. It was tight and flattering from head to toe. Christine looked amazing in her beautiful side updo and matching lavender nails. She wore a nude clutch and a pair of earrings. Not only did she wear her dress amazingly but she also dazzled us with a girls best accessory her beautiful smile.


Juliet Malki

Dress: Jovani

One word… STUNNING! Literally Drop. Dead. Gorgeous. I loved Juliet in this baby pink gown that was jeweled and beaded from top to bottom. I loved how the designer focused on bold crystal belt around her tiny waist that appealed so seductive with the ultra chic high slit. She semi pulled her hair half up showing off the radiant sweetheart cut and gorge drooping diamond necklace. She kept it simple and sweet and let the dress do all the talking.


Linda Aydin

Dress: Jovani

You can always count on a mermaid dress to make a statement especially this hot pink form fitting one. It had a simplicity design of silver beading to about the waist line that was done tastefully. The mermaid style shape is not for everyone but this flared silhouette looked impeccable on Linda. She stood out with her own artlessly touches of a silver clutch, and two jewelry pieces of a white gold diamond pendant necklace and matching bracelet. Diamonds are a girls best friend. So stay calm and glitter on.

Hope you loved these fabulous looks just as much as I did. And let me know in a comment who was your favorite!

Stay chic,

Beauty Blender.






One of my favorite beauty tools is the Beauty Blender. After purchasing my first beauty blender about a year ago I became hooked. No brush compares to this tool it leaves my foundation and concealer flawless. Might I also add its great for contouring because it leaves a nature contour on your face when blended properly leaving no lines or streaks. I discovered it after watching YouTube tutorials on Mario Dedivanovic at work on Kim Kardashian, and many other celebs. Once I saw the finishing touches on Kim and as he explained it so thoroughly how to use it through out the tutorial I knew I wanted to try it out. He literally made the Kardashian contour famous hence everyone does contours now. You can purchase the Beauty Blender at Sephora for $19.95 (best investment you’ll make TRUST ME!!!)… Let me know your thoughts in comment.


Sleeve Rolling.


Rolling your T-shirt sleeves isn’t really a trend more of a preference look but I love it. Even though I have been noticing more and more celebs and fashion bloggers are starting to do it. I think it adds a fashionable finishing touch to the simplicity look of just a basic tee. It’s so nonchalant and easy. It may seem simple, but your sleeve rolling has to be on point. Tips how too… First roll on that first seem, and repeat again. The sleeve should be rolled 2-3 time but no more, over 4 times makes it look overly bulky which kills the look. Pay attention to my picture inspo up top of Karlie Kloss, Alexa Chung, fashion blogger Sincerly Jules, and etc for more examples. Go for a casual look by rolling up your sleeve with a pair of jean shorts or skinny jeans which creates that perfect little chic look. An 80’s flash back look with a bang bang. Now roll up.

Stay Chic. XOXO,


A 90’s babe. OOTD.


A throwback thursday OOTD post on my last weeks outfit at the beach in honor of my 90’s fashion post yesterday. I embraced my sense of style at Newport Beach, CA. Your welcome! This grunge look is a mix of a urban-esk and slightly hipster. Loved my beachy nonchalant effortless outfit of the day with my classic bold bright red lip. What i’m wearing…

1. Studded Snapback — Rosebowl Flea Market

2. Sun Glasses — Ray Ban

3. Lipstick — MAC Russican Red

4. Cutoff T-shirt — Forever 21

5. High Waisted Shorts — American Apparel

6. Shoes — Converse

Stay Chic Beyond Belief,


90’s Fashion.

Fashion is feeling the 90’s all over again, and who’s to say that isn’t ah-may-zing. Especially because I was born in this era. 90’s baby right here. This grunge influenced decade is finally upon us once again. What’s there not to love about oversized band shirts, flannel’s around the waist, and my girl Cher Horwitz. As if! Soooo here are some how to tips and pics…


1. Thigh High’s & Knee Highs

I am obsessed with classic thigh highs. I have a couple pairs from American Apparel (recommend highly) in all different styles and colors, and I literally have a destroyed worn pair of sheer black one’s to the point of rips everywhere and I adore those the most. True 90’s look with a pair of Thigh high’s.


2. Band Tee’s

Oversized Band T-shirts are some true effect to the grunge look. Lately Forever 21 has tons of iconic band tee’s all over the store. Cheap and fashionable. Pair with black tight pants, shorts, or tights with a baggy denim jacket. Or for a more feminine girlie look a flowy short or long skirt. High slits are in super hot and extremely trendy right now. And showing a little extra skin never hurts anyone. Add on a cool pair of Converse or Dock Martins.


3. Plaid works

Anything plaid goes… We have been seeing it on the streets of fashionable cities across the world. And in my opinion no one can wear it better at the moment then Riri. This classic urban look with a flannel around your waist is super stylish. The plaid work shirt is totally trend worthy these days.

Stay 90’s,




Every girls needs THAT “little black dress” in her closet. It’s a must have. That chic edgy piece of cloth signifies your whole wardrobe. I’m way too obsessed with anything black. Me and Anna Wintour can never be besties. Seriously. This perfected piece can play a HUGE role in every season. It literally never goes out of style. From a elegant evening dress to cutesty cocktail dress it works. And it works itself good. The essentials of how to style is merely simple. 1. It styles itself. 2. During that cold fall slash wintery weather pair it with a modern blazer or a leather jacket with sheer tights. 3. Pumps, sandals, boots… It all can work. 4. Statement peices. Read my “Statement Piece” for more inside. 5. Add on that bright or very dark lip. And last but not least CONFIDENCE. Nothing is sexier then your high self esteem. Soooo this evening plan a GNO. Channel your inner Victoria Beckham put on that LBD and have a fun fabulous night looking beyond gorge.

Stay posh,