Pilgrim Inspiration.

by stephrizik


I didn’t realize until now that pilgrim’s were so ahead of there time creating fashion trends. Clearly they did more then stuffing turkeys and befriending indians at Plymouth Rock. Here are some festive outfit idea’s you can wear a your family Thanksgiving dinner. 

The Exaggerated Collar.


A below the neck statement is happening. Pilgram meets Wednesday Addams. I love the contrasting black with the epic white collar. This is the ultimate feminine look you can go for. I know I am. 

The Belt Buckle


The high waisted belt buckle is screaming fall and def modern pilgrim chic. Chanel and Emilio Pucci seem to agree. Wear it over a dress, high waisted pants, or between a trendy shirt and skirt.



Pilgrim shoe’s are making there way down the runway. History totes does repeat itself, and I must say it’s making a comeback well. Love those Celine oxfords with the huge gold plate bold buckle.



Hats are forever. And loving these pilgrim inspired head accessories. 

Stay Chic,