Working In The Office.

by stephrizik

Some people think it’s excusable to not look chic at the day in the office. Let me tell you little hunnies thats no accuse. Being stylish is a 24/7 must! Showing up to your office job in baggy Slacks, your grandma’s sweater or silly little kitty heels is not acceptable period. So here some item pieces that essential to have in the closet if your in office…

Pencil Skirts


Pencil skirts are maj in the office. The are classic, sexy, and sophisticated, and totally appropriate. 



Blouses are perfect to tuck into tight trendy slacks and pencil skirts.



Who says you have to always take the boring way out… Throw on some fun trendy colored, patterned, laced slacks. Or spice up the black pair by rolling up the bottom cuff. Remember just like the rest of your clothes don’t over do “baggy”. Its. NOT. Cute! Always have your pants or jeans fit you like a glove much more flattering this way. 



During the fall and winter jackets are necessity part of the wardrobe. Or if the office is an icebox all year long blazers, tweed jackets, and boyfriend jackets are super trendy right now and overall have that professional appeal to them. 

Hope these inspired pics and recommended pieces help for spicing up your office look. 

Stay Chic,