Eat. Sleep. Denim.

by stephrizik

ImageImageImageImageImageFashion can’t seem to retire chic denim. Regardless of the weather hot or cold it’s always a perfect time to play out denim pieces that can be dressed down to a casual lunch or dress up for a night out in the town. Trend reports have spotted EVERYONE in denim. Denim has remained it’s classic ways with a minor twist of patterns, prints, colors, and different cuts with a simple but cool change. Denim lovers be please to stock up! I love Levi’s espically the refurbished ones you can by at Urban Outfitters or better yet the RoseBowl Flea Market for that full vintage feel. Here’s some demin essentials your gonna need…Image

1. Denim Dress- This is so MAJ right now. So simple. Wear it how you see it. If your a belt person go ahead and add one on if not then put on some jewelry and a cute pair of wedges and go.

2. Denim Shirts – Has been a long time trend but still hot. Wear it on a hot summer or a cool fall night with a denim skirt, shorts, or pants for that demin on demin look or with non-demin bottoms. Or as I like to do with a floral dress with the demin shirt tied around my waist with a pair of black booties.

3. Denim Jackets – Immediately after slipping it on roll up the sleeves to about forearm slash elbow length. You can literally throw it on with about anthing. A dress, with a tshirt and jeans, leather, whatever. Either way it’s gonna look amazing.

4. Jeans- This takes us back to the basics. Definitely buy a pair that makes sense in your life. I’m personally a skinny jeans kinda girl, but be open minded when it comes to jeans and try as many as you can on till you find a great fit for you. You want a pair that is fitting and more importantly flattering to your body.

5. Boyfriend Jeans – Have become super trendy lately. Fold the hem up one inch from the bottem and do it again. (it doesnt have to be perfect just even to each other) Wear your distressed boyfriend jeans with a pair of statement heels loose or tight shirt with a edgy blazer or cardigan. Boyfriend jeans are every where this fall.

Hope you enjoy by Eat. Sleep. Denim blog today. Fun fact before we end. The average woman owns seven pairs of jeans, but wears just four. Who would of thought?

Stay Chic,