Retro Hair.

by stephrizik


Old Hollywood hair glam is so chic! Chic! Chic!. This vintage look has literally become the “IT” look the past few years. Gatsby ladies are knocking out the red carpets, award shows, and the streets with this roaring 20’s hair due. This sleek and sophisticated look has been the hair of choice lately and more and more celebs and girls have been choosing this look over the traditional updo’s. Luckily this glamourous angelic retro style is easy to do at home. How too…

1. Choose a side and do a deep straight hair part. (Play around and see what side looks best on you)

2. Use a curling iron. Then separate your hair into medium sections going the same direction down your head towards your face.

3. Once you curled your whole head… Hair spray Lightly.

4. Then carefully brush throw your curls to seperate them into one finger wave. Then hair spray again to hold.

Practice is required…


So privileged and honored to get my old hollywood hair glammed by the talented Jesse Arana. He is part of the Moroccan Hair Oil world team, also designed for many hair shows also including doing runway hair during fashion week for Alice + Olive, Burrberry, Marchesa, and etc… Hope my tips come helpful when your trying this look out.

Stay Glammed,