The Beanie.

by stephrizik



You may already own one of these babies so you might as well get a head start…. Get it? Head start? Or you’re probably wondering how can it be this warm cozy hair trend spread all the way from the 90’s? Beanies have made a huge come back since march 2013. Weird right? Yet this grungy trend is our hat of choice and it’s here to stay into fall and possibly winter season. Think any color it goes with a basic look pulled over your head hiding that not so great hair day while still looking oh so amazing. Slouchy beanies are in and pretty practical for an every day basic look. Even though the weather isn’t looking a little bitter this summer, it’s still very wearable with any summer outfit of your choice. Beanies oh yes beanies. And everyone seems to agree by spotted fashion forward people everywhere.

Stay Chic,