Cat-Eye Sunglasses

by stephrizik



Meow! My current obsession this summer time is the Cat-Eye Sunglasses. They have this old hollywood slash Parisian chic look to them that makes me not wanna take my eyes of them. They also have this modern edge that makes these kitties timeless. Vintage everything is back. (Literally, and i’m not gonna lie the hottest boutiques to shop at these days are thrift stores.) And Audrey Hepburn is bringing it back Breakfast In Tiffany’s style. These great cat eye pairs are designed in cheap to high end brands with options to suit any face shape also ranging from oval to rectangular. If your on the prowl for some new shades its safe to stay get these! So let’s have an amazing summer with these sunglasses as nowadays it comes out with many colors, sizes, and brands that best suites you and what you like.