Leather in Summer.

by stephrizik



I know. I know, what your prolly thinking and that is leather? In the summer? But yes indeed leather in the summer is trending regarding the hot hot heat. Trust! Leather is EVERYWHERE! Runways to the street fashion but all in different silhouettes. I’m loving it all especially the constructed jacket by Celine, or to the edgy chic look on Rita Ora. I own faux leather vest, pants, leggings, and a shorts, and i’m def pulling them out for a dangerous summer. Besides leather being associated with bikers, rockers, and well a little S&M with Christian Grey… Let’s not get it too twisted. When worn correctly it looks ultra tres chic. Bottoms of any sort can be paired with trendy non platformed strappy heels and an breezy tank, crop top, or button up. Loving the Minimalist look right now. Less is more. So keep your look comfortable, and simple. 

Stay Trendy,