CHANEL Couture Fall 2013.

by stephrizik


In honor of thy HOTTEST fashion show of the season in Paris, lets talk about CHANEL Haute Couture Fall/Autumn 2013. The front row was filled with A list celebs such as Rihanna, Alexa Chung, Kristen Stewart, and so many more. Chanel is my FAVORITE label that could ever exists on the face of this whole universe. I’m literally obsessed. From head to toe I could die buried in CHANEL this very moment. Okay enough about me lets get back to this collection. Karl Lagerfeld got re-inspired by his own collection two years ago and incorporated alot of gunmetal greys into the pieces slash sequins. I feel it has a slight 1920’s feel with an 80’s twist. The show looked elaborate and the catwalk show left the audience in Aw. literally. I DIE!