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Easy Summer 2015 Trends To Try.

Hello my chic dolls,

Sooooooooo I know I have been MIA for a sec, but this year has been a bit cray cray. I finished my first year at LLU (Loma Linda University)  which was hard but an overall an amaze SUCCESS, I crossed off the number ONE thing off my bucket list: WENT TO PAREE!!!, andddd now i’m here (July 10, 2015) the mid year and its SUMMER! YAY! Now that I have officially caught you up on my life lets talk about three very EASY, EASIER, EASIET summer trends…

ll Effortless Make-up and Beach waves ll


I got this amazing product from Target by Tony and guy Sea salt spray! I apply while my hair is damp and spray in a good amount. After I applied the product, and divided my hair into four parts and twist them into Princess Leia buns. Keep them in for like 10-15 minutes while I do my barely makeup look and I take them out and INSTANT gorge effortless hair! It’s been my favorite look so far this summer.

ll Striped Rompers ll


Can’t decide what to wear. EASY! Throw on a striped romper. You can pair it with laced up sandels, Birkenstocks, or stripy heels. You look so chic without even trying.

ll Gaucho Pants ll


Yes! I have serious news for you… Gaucho pants have made a come back. A MAJ comeback! This wide leg boho vibe has become Summer’s trendy friend. The looks I posted above speak for themselves. Recreate this early 2000’s look  this summer by flaunting it with a crop top, baggy T, or button up. No matter what look you pull its gonna be SO CHIC! I promise this is the easiest summer look to try, and trust you will look like you walked right off the run way!

Hope you enjoy my first post back…

Stay chic,


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Happy New Years. Hope you are all starting the year off right! I know I did!



|| Outfit Details ||

Dress | Alexander Wang
Shoes | Alexander McQueen
Lipstick | Chanel Elegante 149

Hope you liked my dark vampy look

Stay chic,

Steph Rizik

Christmas OOTD

Merry Christmas to all my fashionistas. I hope your day was spent well! My Christmas event requires us to wear all black! EASY! Especially for me all black everything is usually my motto! So on that note…


|| Outfit Details ||

Leather jacket | BCBG
Dress | Forever 21
Heels | Zara

Hope you enjoyed my look!
Stay Chic,



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Stay chic, XOXO
Steph Rizik

Ankle Socks.




Ankle sock’s this December are oh so trendy. We wear them on the daily… Why not spice up your look with showing a little extra fabric. Covering up your ankles has not looked hotter since maybe ever, but this season its the it thing to do. Wear your ankle boot with a black or grey sock poking out. It’s a cute casual way to look fashion forward this winter.

Stay Chic,


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Thanksgiving. OOTD.



Hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving full of blessings. Sorry I have been MIA. Student life equals no life. Anyways. Back to the outfit…

||Outfit Details||

Top | Forever 21
Jeans | Cheap Monday
Wedges | Forever 21

Hope you liked my casual look.

Stay chic,
Steph Rizik

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Sept. 7th. OOTD



||Outfit Details||

Dress | Jovani
Clutch | Jimmy Choo

Hope you loved my old Hollywood wedding glam look last night.

Stay chic,
Steph Rizik

Dream Night Abroad

If you could go anywhere in the world. Where would you go? has reached out asking me if I could spend one night abroad where would I go? What would I wear? And what would I do? My first thought was well Paris is ALWAYS a good idea. Might sounds a little cliche but Paris, France is my dream destination. Wee- wee! Love my french. (the official language in France) That’s how I will be semi communicating with the Parisian residents. 



celinesunglasses4 la-modella-mafia-T-by-Alexander-Wang-Leather-Bralette-375 1b0 452716_bk_ppKendall-JennersBalenciaga-The-Ceinture-Cut-Out-Ankle-Boots

||Outfit Details||

Celine Sunglasses | T by Alexander Wang Leather Bralette | Chanel Boy Bag | Givenchy Bonded mesh pencil skirt | BALENCIAGA Boots

Bonjour. Of course I would spend my day wearing the outfit posted above touring the parisian hotspots looking oh la la chic. Walking the Champs-Elysees shopping at all the fabulous luxury designer stores such as Christian Louboutin, Chanel, Saint Laurent, Celine, etc. And the following by having a photo shoot at the Eiffel Tower, and later by sight seeing at the Palace of Versailles.  Last but not least what fashionista would I be if I didn’t make a stop at the Louvre where Paris Fashion week has held the most famous shows. 

6c80138ea6759e78c70b1dbd5e34f9a7 52f4d73b54b2d307760d2a7f9ccaa41d 0985edca918ce9f1a45d09c20c7c58bc


453518_in_pp 012_0a98cb5a-41bb-4a6f-a374-a4f8dd2690191c8a42983dce8e9830d62adb05724806 64dcb5219a1277ce0faad79110ec38a6

||Outfit Details||

Maison Martin Margiela coat | Christian Louboutin Pigalle heels | Saint Laurent clutch | Francesco Scognamiglio Dress

That evening I would hit the night in the town wearing this outfit above, eating at Paris’s sweet tooth paradise Laduree for desert. Which there famously known for there macaroons and drink there tasty lattes. OMG my mouth is watering!

 49b3945f9b3d2406cca80fef8f2ef045Laduree-Macaron-things-to-do-in-paris 93bdc3cd4184133bb940738878f153d4

If you had a chance to spend a dream night abroad where would you go? Leave a comment below and let me know. Hope you enjoyed my dream night abroad post.

Stay Chic…Au Revoir,

Steph Rizik



Lady in Red.




|OutFit Details|

Dress | WetSeal
Purse | Chanel
Watch | Rolex

Stay chic,
Stephanie rizik

Aug. 16. 2014. OOTD

Outfit Detials

Dress| TopShop
Shoes| Saint Laurent
Bags | Louis Vuitton | Saint Laurent





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