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Celine and Chanel.



My favorite handbag at the moment my Celine Luggage tote, and finally after a million years of waiting I got my Chanel Espadrilles. I’m obsessed. So chic. And don’t they look quiet perfect together.

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Steph Rizik

March 30, 2014. OOTD


||Outfit Details||

-Denim Button Up | Rag and Bone
-White Pants | J Brand
-Flats | Chanel
-Handbag | Celine

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Givenchy Antigona Tote.



OMGivenchy. And please make sure you pronounce it correctly. (Gee-von-chee). Your welcome. So this tote is anything but basic. I’m obsessed and i’m dying to get my own. The Givenchy Antigona tote has recently been caught on by EVERYONE! Guess i’m not the only one who jumped on this handbag bandwagon. It’s a seasonal bag that can be carried all year long for any occasion, traveling, or on the daily. It’s made in patent leather and comes all different shades of colors. This style has been revisiting us by multiple different designers but this particular bag style by Givenchy is beyond gorge and is just really such a good bag to use and to carry! Im indulged completely but unfortunately there sold out everywhere. Shame. If you find one, grab it, and run to the nearest cash register, And don’t look back and BUY IT! I promise you will not have any buyers remorse. On that note… Hope all is well. XOXO.

Stay Chic,

Steph Rizik

Feb. 23. 2014. OOTD


Weddings bells were ringing and I got to dress up! So I wore a beautiful gown by an amazing turkish designer Tarik Ediz. I felt fabulous, radiant, and sexy! The dress was emerald green and in the front it was embellished with emerald green crystals and patterned with shiny Swarovski crystals. The Tarik Ediz store is now open in LA. So if your looking for something sophisticated and beyond gorge for a black tie event check it out.

Stay Chic,
Steph Rizik


Feb. 21. 2014 OOTD.


Outfit Details:::


1. CropTop — Forever 21
2. Necklace — TopShop
3. Jeans Jacket — Brandy Melville
4. Skirt — TopShop
5 Pumps– Zara

Inspired look was Kim Kardashian.

Stay Chic,

Steph Rizik


Everybody has their favorite mascara or blush they wish could last forever. Although we can’t guarantee forever, Lara on the Home Shopping network can certainly provides some great ideas to keep your favorite makeup around for a little bit longer. Not only will that make you happier, but you may also find some extra cash in your makeup budget! And some other amazing makeup tips check it out by clicking the link… Lara’s piece is titled, “Tips For Stretching Your Makeup Supply”.

Stay chic,
Stephanie Rizik

Jean Jackets.



It should come to no surprise that Jean Jackets have made a chic-yyy little come back. Or wait did they ever go out of style? Maybe cause you can wear it so many different ways. Whether it’s shrunken, oversized, tailored, stained, or any shade of denim works. Lets be honest here a really great jean jacket will never lose it’s cool. When your feeling a little chilly just throw on your jean jacket cuff the sleeves and rock it with literally EVERYTHING. A denim jacket is perfect for literally every body type. You can wear it countless times and trust me you won’t be over doing. It’s an outfit essential must have. So go get it out of your closet, thrift it, or purchase a new one and rock it.

Stay Chic, 

Steph Rizik

Valentino Rockstud Patent Leather Slingback Pumps


I’ve found the perfect statement sandal of the year The Valentino Rock Stud Heels. They are sexy as hell and literally created it in hot neon colors, basic black and nudes, and eye popping red. This Point toe T-strap design in studded patent leather has brightened with a twist on maj shoe trend. They are selling out everywhere espically directly from Valentino but you can also try purchasing them at Neimen Marcus, Saks Fifth Ave, Nordstrom, and Bergdorf Goodmans for $945.00… The Valentino Rockstuds have defiantly made my 2014 shoe game wish list. 

Stay Chic,


Sequin Dresses.



Got a party dress you want to wear New Years Eve? No Probs… Sequin Dresses are defiantly the way to get glammed and bring in the New Year just fashionably right. I know you know that sequins have been on the hot trend list for quite some time now, but seriously we just can’t seem to get over them. More high end designers such as Fendi, Saint Laurent, Tom Ford, Louis Vuitton, and more are getting comfortable embellishing their latest collections with more and more sequins. Sequin inspiration is flaring to new hieghts with bolder and more creative looks. Sequins are the perfect party girl look. Don’t be intimated adding a bit of shine to your new years dress. Some advice… Sequins come in all shapes, sizes, and colors… The bolder you are with your choice, the more beautiful your dress is. Check out what I mean above, and see some tips for pulling off the perfect sequin dress.

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The one dress that every girl can wear…

The one dress that every girl can wear…
Is it possible?
Have you ever seen the film, The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants? Well it’s about four girls of different sizes who all can magically fit in one pair of jeans. There is more to the story line but that’s the only bit you need to know. Well after watching this film, I got thinking. Was something like this possible? Not for jeans but, instead could I find a type of dress that could be worn by everyone. Dresses are hard to find and with the Christmas season almost underway, party dresses are even more difficult to find. Yet I decided I’d do a bit of shopping, for experiment purposes only, and see if I could find a dress that would suit girls of all sizes. Here’s what I found…
1. Skater dresses suit everyone!
The style of the dress draws you in at the waist and emphasises your figure. They provide you with an hourglass shape which is great for curvy and athletic shapes who might normally struggle to get this flattering silhouette. The flowing skirt also draws attention away from the torso so if you are a curvier girl, this style is definitely one to consider.
The length can also vary so it’s great for both tall and short girls. You can get these dresses with sleeves or without so if you have a broad top, your shoulders can be covered too. This dress seemingly suits all shapes.
2. The LBD is on every dress list. Ok, this is cheating a bit. Black dresses can be found in all sizes, shapes and styles so yes, they will suit everyone. But the colour black is slimming and looks great on everyone. Little black dresses are a classic and it would be a crime not to include them on this list.
3. In terms of trends, you really can’t go wrong with monochrome. It’s a style that never goes out of fashion and each year the catwalk updates it for us. Black is, as I said previously, slimming and the trend can be vamped up or toned down. It’s a win win situation.
So the jeans might have been magic in The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants but when you look at real clothes, there are still styles and cuts that suit everyone. They may comes in different sizes and not be exactly like the jeans in the film, but it is still amazing that some clothes can still suit everyone. Think Skater, LBD and Monochrome and have a look at your perfect dress.


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